Recycle those EOS lip balms!

Recycle those EOS lip balms!

This is such a great idea for recycling those adorable eos lip balm containers! Keep your jewelry safe and untangled while you travel or just keep it organized on your dresser. Shop eos at My Pretty Face Place here.

A Mere Glimpse

Hey y’all! So recently I flattened out an EOS lip balm which I was pretty impressed with seeing as I’ve never been able to keep track of a lip balm long enough to finish it before. The one I finished is the Medicated Tangerine and it is my absolute favorite! Its got a nice fruity scent, it is exceptionally moisturizing and feels really nice on the lips.

As the balm has gotten lower and lower, I had been contemplating what to do because how could you throw away those cute little eggs? There seemed to be some use I could get out of it so, I started scraping and found that the base is a weird little wheel thing. I would recommend having a small empty container when you do this because there is a surprising amount of balm left over, and there’s no reason to waste it.

Wooden stick, cleaned out EOS, plastic wheel that was removed from the balm, left over balm, cuticle scissors Wooden stick…

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The World is Your Oyster – Custom Orders

Custom order by @makeupastorm in South Africa
Custom order by @makeupastorm in South Africa

We’ve gotten so many questions about custom orders after our friend Fatima posted this picture on Instagram. What is a custom order? How do you do it? Can I get anything or just what’s in your store? I’m going to give you all the answers, don’t you worry.

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NYX Sale – It’s Major

NYX Jumbo Pencils - On sale now!
NYX Jumbo Pencils – On sale now!

It’s a good week for a sale, don’t you agree? Spring has officially started here (although the snow steadily falling outside makes me question what spring really means…) and it’s time to start rethinking how you are going to refresh your look now that the weather is (eventually) getting warmer.

We have a ton of bronzers available to brighten up your look! The matte bronzer is my daily go to for a subtle contour. There’s also the super cute mosaic bronzer in three different shades: Confessions of a Tanaholic, When Leopard Gets a Tan, and Tribal Odyssey. 

But it’s not all sunshine and bronzers. Check out all the NYX items we have available for international shipping, all at 35% off! I bet you want to know how to get the deal – just type in the coupon code NYXLOVE at checkout.



Dear Brush, What Is Your Purpose?

The makeup brush set. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

As a makeup brush fanatic, I loooooove makeup brushes of every kind, whether you buy them individually or in a set. However, I tend to be a little nervous around sets. My thoughts revolve around, “Will I use all these brushes? Is it worth my dollar? I really want this brush but what the heck is this one for!? I can’t get that one unless I get this one!”

I ran across a girl on Facebook named Bron who was having a similar problem. She had bought the Real Techniques Starter Kit and just could not accept one of the brushes.

Photo by Bron Marley via Facebook
Photo by Bron Marley via Facebook

“I have absolutely now use for this RT brush! I know it states it’s an ‘eyeliner brush’ but I believe it is wayyyyy too thick for this. Can anyone suggest other uses? Thanks girls”

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Who Wants Something New?

The new eos Rachel Roy collection contains three brand new delicious flavors!
Image from

After receiving message after message about the new Rachel Roy eos collection, we knew we had to order some of these for the website. In three all new flavors, those of us unfortunate enough to be heading into winter right now can at least have a tropical vacation on our lips.

Just added to My Pretty Face Place - the eos and Nicole BCA collaboration, the BCA three piece set and the limited edition Nic's Picks makeup brush collection

We’ve also added some more products from eos that all support breast cancer awareness! The eos and Nicole by OPI set is the perfect combo for healthy lips and gorgeous nails. My little sister loves eos and nail polish, so this duo is definitely going in her Christmas stocking! We’ve also added the eos Three Piece BCA set that  includes a limited edition Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Stick.

Now, if you’ve been looking for an amazing new makeup brush set, we’ve just gotten in the limited edition Nic’s Picks makeup brush collection! This set has three limited edition, set exclusive brushes that can’t be found anywhere else. With five brushes for face and eyes, this set is just about all you need to create a flawless look quickly and easily.

Happy shopping!

xx – Samantha

It’s Monday. Why Do I Feel So Awesome??

Photo from
Photo from 

Last night I was looking for content to post for My Pretty Face Place’s social media outlets, and I came across an article about getting more energy throughout the day. My initial thought? “Phhhh! Yeah right! I’ve read these articles before and they just tell you to go to bed earlier. That’s not going to happen for me…”

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Here’s What I Did Last Night

Here’s What I Did Last Night

I picked up this little box of color last night on a Target run with my husband. I had been casually thinking about going brunette but never thought I would actually do it!!

Let me backup. When I was 17, I decided I was going to dye my hair and start off brand new as I went into my senior year of high school. I dyed my hair dark brown and I thought it looked pretty good! But when my blonde roots started to grow in, my hair was looking a little funky. At the time, I didn’t like the idea of up keep and so I decided to go back to blonde. On my own. I tried gradually moving back down to blonde by getting lighter brown shades. I ended up with a strange, brownish reddish color that just did not suit me. I was also getting impatient, so I had my friend – a beauty school wannabe – bleach my hair. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? I ended up with some beautiful yellow hair. It was fantastic. I forget exactly how my hair was eventually put back to a more natural and acceptable color, but I know it was an awkward process with some odd hair colors in between.

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