Quick FYI – Link Updates

Quick FYI – Link Updates

If you’re looking at any older posts, they may have some text directing you to our old store. Since that website is now closed, you’ll just get a big ugly error page. To avoid that and get our old inventory out of my house, I’ve redirected all those old links (I hope) to my eBay page, where you can purchase any remaining items we have left over from our store for a pretty great price.

All these items are genuine and purchased directly from the manufacturer of the brand being sold or from a reputable retailer in the case of the remaining eos lip balm balls (and a few lip balm sticks). We’re still shipping internationally, I believe all the listings are set up so that eBay will calculate the actual cost of shipping depending on the service you choose and your location.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, give me a shout at ebaysamanthamag@gmail.com. Otherwise, start shopping.


Real Techniques on the Cheap Plus Some stila for Sale

Photo from @nabzmakeup on Instagram

Here’s another update on the remaining inventory from our store. Thank to you the lovely and talented @nabzmakeup for posting her Real Techniques order from our store on Instagram.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, our store is now closed, but we do have some remaining inventory. Here’s what’s left of the Real Techniques makeup brushes plus a few items from stila we have for sale as well. Email me at ebaysamanthamag@gmail.com if you’re interested in purchasing any of these brushes or makeup. 

Real Techniques: 

  • Retractable Bronzer Brush – $9
  • Eyelining Set – $14
  • Core Collection – $12.60
  • Starter Kit – $12.60
  • Stippling Brush – $7
  • Retractable Kabuki Brush – $7
  • Duo Fiber Collection – $13
  • Travel Essentials – $12.60
  • Mini Brush Trio – $7
  • Blush Brush – $6.30
  • Shading Brush – $4.20
  • Powder Brush – $7
  • Lash & Brow Groomer – $4.20
  • Bold Metal Tapered Blush Brush – $13
  • Concealer Brush – $5.60
  • Foundation Brush – $5.60
  • Silicone Liner – $4.20
  • Sculpting Brush – $7
  • Bold Metals Triangle Concealer – $10.50


  • Black Cat Eye Shadow – $10
  • Wisteria Eye Shadow – $10
  • Twilight Eye Shadow – $10
  • Mystic Eye Shadow – $10
  • Acoustic Countless Color Pigments – $10
  • Groupie Countless Color Pigments – $10
  • Tie Dye Countless Color Pigments – $10
  • Encore Countless Color Pigments – $10

What’s Left : Sigma Makeup Brushes Sale

Here’s a list of all the Sigma brushes we have left. Email me at ebaysamanthamag@gmail.com if you’re interested! All prices listed here are in USD.
F20 Large Powder – (3 left) $18 each
F05 Small Contour – (2 left) $13 each
F64 Soft Blend Concealer – (2 left) $13 each
E21 Smudge – (11 left) $9 each
E25 Blending – (4 left) $9 each
F30 Large Powder – (7 left) $16 each
F25 Tapered Face – (1 left) $18 each
F50 Duo Fibre – (3 left) $15 each
F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush – (2 left) $18 each

We are offering free shipping in the US. International shipping starts at $13.50 and goes up based on weight of your order. You can always email me at the address above if you have any questions about shipping costs.

I’ll do another post with Real Techniques, EcoTools, etc. in a few days.

Xo -Sam

P.S. We are no longer @myprettyfaceplace on Instagram. Since the store is closed, I’m using the account for more personal use. If you still want to follow, the new handle is @mrsmusclecanuck.

Well, It’s Been Fun

Well, It’s Been Fun

Thank you so much to everyone who made my little store a reality! All the connections I’ve made with beautiful people around the world have meant so much to me! I know there are several of you that I will still keep in touch with.

Anyways, our website is now closed. If you try to visit it you will see a down for maintenance error. Our social media accounts will either no longer be updated or I will turn them into my own personal accounts because I still do loooove me some makeup!

We still have very limited stock left, so if you’re interested in any brushes from Real Techniques, Sigma Beauty or EcoTools, send me a message! You can reach me at ebaysamanthamag@gmail.com.

I’ll post our remaining inventory soon so you can see what we have left. We’ll do it blog sale style, like I’ve seen many beauty and fashion bloggers do over the past few years.

Thanks again to all our customers and new friends around the world!



45% Off Sale for Real Techniques, Sigma and more


We’re getting rid of everything. So if you like, you want it, you better buy because when it’s gone, it’s gone for good. And 45% off is a crazy good deal.

This includes Sigma. Real Techniques. EcoTools. NYX. If you see it on the site, it is 45% off.

To get this super awesome deal on the makeup brushes of your dreams and Instagram fantasies, go to My Pretty Face Place and add items to your shopping cart. Go to view all the lovely goodies in your cart and enter the code “BeautyHaul” in the bottom left corner to watch that price tag drop and make your heart skip a beat.

The GOOB Promo


Thank you to the lovely @grungebetty on Instagram for the photo used above. She shared with the world the new brushes she ordered from our website. Many thanks to her!

Now on to the goods. We would like to thank all our customers and loyal friends around the world for shopping at My Pretty Face Place. Now that the products we sell are more widely available around the world, it’s time to close up shop. To end our run with a bang, we’d like to give some lovely followers $10 off their next order from our site.

How many followers? Let’s go with 10. 10 people around the world will get $10 off their order from My Pretty Face Place.

How do you win? Save grungebetty’s photo above and post it whereever you feel like it. You can post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, the list goes on and on. Just make sure you tag it with our Twitter (prettyfaceplace), Instagram (myprettyfaceplace), Facebook (My Pretty Face Place), etc handles and use #myprettyfaceplace as well to be entered.

I’ll break it down one more time. Post the picture above to the social media of your choosing, tag us and use #myprettyfaceplace to be entered. Who knows, we may get extra generous and up that $ amount off.

Winners will be announced in the new year, so keep your eyes out for a message from us on January 4th! Now get to sharing.

Xoxo – Sam

Real Techniques, Real Cheap

That’s right, you can get yourself some Real Techniques makeup brushes on the cheap right now at My Pretty Face Place.


But let me tell you, it’s not just Real Techniques! We have the same deal on EcoTools, Sigma brushes and makeup, NYX, Lorac and Stila!

How do you get this deal? It’s easy!

All you do is browse the site, adding items to your cart that tickle your fancy and then enter the code “summerlovin” when you begin the checkout process! This will get you 20% off your entire order (minus eos and items in the limited edition page of the site).

It’s starting to get cold here and there’s even talk of snow… So summerlovin seems like an appropriate code to take me back to my warm happy place.

Now, for all the international customers out there, I am not promising you will get your packages by Christmas. Shipping tends to get real slow as the system clogs up with all those presents being mailed. Please remember this and don’t yell at me 🙂

If you have any questions, please email me! I promise I’ll answer within 24 hours. My email is samantha@myprettyfaceplace.com.

Xx – Sam

The #TBT Sale

Photo from Lily’s Blog Beaute

We have worked with some fantastic beauty bloggers over the years. Their support and the support of their readers really helped grow our business! We can’t thank them (and you!) enough.

Today, we’re throwing it back to a few of our favorite posts and reopening their coupon codes! Check out these posts for the code but keep reading because these ladies have some awesome blogs full of tips, product reviews, and other interesting reads.

Without further ado, check out these links and then get shopping over at the My Pretty Face Place store. You can enter your code at checkout. These codes are open for the next two weeks and can be used for 15% off Real Techniques, EcoTools, NYX and elf. Happy shopping!

Raspberrykiss blog – Review of the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Brush Set
Cosmetic Crave Blog
CosmeticCrave blog – review of the Expert Face Brush
Lily's Blog Beaute
Lily’s Blog Beaute – Review of several Real Techniques brushes

Recycle those EOS lip balms!

Recycle those EOS lip balms!

This is such a great idea for recycling those adorable eos lip balm containers! Keep your jewelry safe and untangled while you travel or just keep it organized on your dresser. Shop eos at My Pretty Face Place here.

A Mere Glimpse

Hey y’all! So recently I flattened out an EOS lip balm which I was pretty impressed with seeing as I’ve never been able to keep track of a lip balm long enough to finish it before. The one I finished is the Medicated Tangerine and it is my absolute favorite! Its got a nice fruity scent, it is exceptionally moisturizing and feels really nice on the lips.

As the balm has gotten lower and lower, I had been contemplating what to do because how could you throw away those cute little eggs? There seemed to be some use I could get out of it so, I started scraping and found that the base is a weird little wheel thing. I would recommend having a small empty container when you do this because there is a surprising amount of balm left over, and there’s no reason to waste it.

Wooden stick, cleaned out EOS, plastic wheel that was removed from the balm, left over balm, cuticle scissors Wooden stick…

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