First Impression Review of Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment


That about sums up my first impression of this fabulous product. Just kidding, here are some more details.

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Dear Brush, What Is Your Purpose?

The makeup brush set. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

As a makeup brush fanatic, I loooooove makeup brushes of every kind, whether you buy them individually or in a set. However, I tend to be a little nervous around sets. My thoughts revolve around, “Will I use all these brushes? Is it worth my dollar? I really want this brush but what the heck is this one for!? I can’t get that one unless I get this one!”

I ran across a girl on Facebook named Bron who was having a similar problem. She had bought the Real Techniques Starter Kit and just could not accept one of the brushes.

Photo by Bron Marley via Facebook
Photo by Bron Marley via Facebook

“I have absolutely now use for this RT brush! I know it states it’s an ‘eyeliner brush’ but I believe it is wayyyyy too thick for this. Can anyone suggest other uses? Thanks girls”

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It’s Monday. Why Do I Feel So Awesome??

Photo from
Photo from 

Last night I was looking for content to post for My Pretty Face Place’s social media outlets, and I came across an article about getting more energy throughout the day. My initial thought? “Phhhh! Yeah right! I’ve read these articles before and they just tell you to go to bed earlier. That’s not going to happen for me…”

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Here’s What I Did Last Night

Here’s What I Did Last Night

I picked up this little box of color last night on a Target run with my husband. I had been casually thinking about going brunette but never thought I would actually do it!!

Let me backup. When I was 17, I decided I was going to dye my hair and start off brand new as I went into my senior year of high school. I dyed my hair dark brown and I thought it looked pretty good! But when my blonde roots started to grow in, my hair was looking a little funky. At the time, I didn’t like the idea of up keep and so I decided to go back to blonde. On my own. I tried gradually moving back down to blonde by getting lighter brown shades. I ended up with a strange, brownish reddish color that just did not suit me. I was also getting impatient, so I had my friend – a beauty school wannabe – bleach my hair. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? I ended up with some beautiful yellow hair. It was fantastic. I forget exactly how my hair was eventually put back to a more natural and acceptable color, but I know it was an awkward process with some odd hair colors in between.

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Stay… Stay… Good Eyeliner!

Stay… Stay… Good Eyeliner!

No, I’m not talking to a mischievous, adorable little puppy… I’m talking to my eyeliner. After creating the perfect wing, it’s frustrating to have my eyeliner budge or bleed over and look messy! After asking around on Reddit, it seems a lot of my fellow beauty lovers are having the same issue, especially with eyeliner on the waterline.

Not to fear! I’ve asked the amazing and beautiful Jacquelyn, the makeup artist who made me sparkle for my wedding, to give us all some tips on how to make our eyeliner stay put. Your eyeliner will be on point and raccoon eyes will be banished in no time!

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So You Want to Start Your Own Makeup Line, Do You?

So You Want to Start Your Own Makeup Line, Do You?

I have been fascinated with makeup for as long as I can remember. Makeup transforms, it enhances, it just does things you can’t do on your own! If you want to look thinner, you contour. If you want your eyes to look bigger, you shade and line and highlight your eyes and BAM! Bigger eyes… Judging from my time on any social media, a lot of you feel the same way I do. Makeup is fun and it can make you feel like a whole new person.

Another thing I love is business. I especially love the combination of makeup and business, like I do with my website! Another way of combining these two worlds is starting your own makeup line. I stumbled across a review of Performance Colors on Twitter one day and loved the lipstick swatches this Tweeter was posting. I wanted to learn more. Through Google, I found Performance Colors is a small but very popular (over 2000 raving reviews!) brand sold through Etsy.

With a range of lipsticks, foundations, concealers, eyeliners, shadows and more, Performance Colors is an ideal brand if you are looking for a cruelty free brand free of parabens, talc, phthalates, frps, bha or oxybenzone. All items are created and made fresh to order by Tiffany, the beauty lover/whiz/genius behind this brand. I asked Tiffany if I could ask her some questions about what it takes to start your own makeup brand and she kindly responded with amazing detail! If you have any other questions for Tiffany or myself, please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you! Keep reading below:  Continue reading “So You Want to Start Your Own Makeup Line, Do You?”

Review of the Sigma Mr. Bunny Collection

Review of the Sigma Mr. Bunny Collection

As you may know, My Pretty Face Place recently started carrying Sigma Beauty brushes! So exciting! We asked a lovely makeup artist we met through Instagram to share her thoughts on the Mr. Bunny Collection. These brushes are amazing and come with a great case for easy storage and travel. Check out the slideshow below!

If you don’t think you can live without these brushes after reading her review, you can shop right here for the full kit:  Mr. Bunny Essential KitMrs. Bunny Essential Kit or the travel versions: Mr. Bunny Travel KitMrs. Bunny Travel Kit

Don’t forget to follow Meg on  Instagram for even more tips, tricks and reviews! @megleoni.

If the slideshow above doesn’t work for you or you just want some words to read, look below for all the details!

It is essential to keep your brushes clean to avoid skin problems down the road! Here is your Essential Kit Cleaning 101:

  • Do a semi-clean almost everyday with your brushes by spraying Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner and wipe on a towel.
  • Do a shampoo clean a few times a month using the Sigma Spa Glove or a Brush Egg. Lightly dampen the brushes with water and dip in shampoo, swirl the brushes around a bit to work in all the shampoo, lightly squeeze and rinse off shampoo and water while holding brushes in a downward position.
  • Lastly, please your brushes hanging over the edge of a counter so they retain their shape. DO NOT place back in a container so they stand up, it will decrease shape.

The Mr. Bunny Kit: All my Favorite Brushes for the Face

F30 : Large Powder Brush

Having a large powder brush is essential to every girl’s kit! This is great for adding powder products on face and neck to get full, even looking coverage. Plus, it’s fun to play with!

F50 : Duo Fibre Brush

One of my favorite and most unique brushes! You truly get an air-brushed look after using this brush with liquids or powders. I use PUR minerals 4-1 pressed powder in “Blush Medium” and MAC “Mineralize Skin Finish Natural” in Light Plus. Also works really well for blush.

F40 : Large Angled Contour Brush

Best brush for contouring, period. I like to use HOOLA Bronzer by Benefit and FX Bronzer in “Gold.”

The Mr. Bunny Kit: Favorites for All Eyes on Me

E40 : Tapered Blending Brush

Adds the finishing touch to blend in all colors in your crease. This brush is especially good for darker crease colors, and blending golds, pinks, and neutrals.

E70 : Medium Angled Shading Brush

Use soft powder or cream shadows to highlight the brow bone. This is also great when shading colors towards your cat eye or outer crease.

E60 : Large Shader Brush

This brush is great for packing on full color on lids. I like to use the E55 for a lighter color on my lid and then pack on lustre shadows using this E60.

E55 : Eye Shading Brush

Small than the E60, but allows even color placement for smaller areas like just shading your lid.

E30 : Pencil Brush

This brush is great for adding in small amounts of color at the crease and tear ducts

E05 : Eyeliner Brush

I use this brush with the darkest colors in my palettes to apply eyeliner on my water line. I usually coat my water line with LAura Mercier’s Caviar eye shadow sticks and darken just the outer water line for a subtle dramatic effect, good for day or night.

The Mr. Bunny Kit: Other Brushes Within the Kit

E65 : Small Angle Brush

Use on lids to help create the perfect cat eye look. Best used with gel or liquid liners. I like CAILYN eyeliners that already come with the brush attached, but this brush is much thinner and sturdy, so I can hold the line all the way through.

E70 : Concealer Brush

I use this brush EVERYDAY. It is the first thing I use after washing and moisturizing my face. I like Maybelline’s Dream Concealer Applicator in “Radiant Rose” as it’s a dupe for MAC’s Prep and Prime. I usually add “Girl Meets Pearl” for a luminescent effect and blend all around under my eye down to the middle of my cheek bone.

E60 : Foundation Brush

This brush has a smooth affect with you apply. I dab my BB cream on first after blending my concealer. I then blend in circular motions and use the F50 Duo Fibre brush with a powder to get wonderful results.

The Mr. Bunny Collection comes with tons of wonderful brushes, except a fan brush. You can buy this one from EcoTools right here on My Pretty Face Place. I use it to apply bright pink blushes so it looks more natural.