Real Techniques, Real Cheap

That’s right, you can get yourself some Real Techniques makeup brushes on the cheap right now at My Pretty Face Place.


But let me tell you, it’s not just Real Techniques! We have the same deal on EcoTools, Sigma brushes and makeup, NYX, Lorac and Stila!

How do you get this deal? It’s easy!

All you do is browse the site, adding items to your cart that tickle your fancy and then enter the code “summerlovin” when you begin the checkout process! This will get you 20% off your entire order (minus eos and items in the limited edition page of the site).

It’s starting to get cold here and there’s even talk of snow… So summerlovin seems like an appropriate code to take me back to my warm happy place.

Now, for all the international customers out there, I am not promising you will get your packages by Christmas. Shipping tends to get real slow as the system clogs up with all those presents being mailed. Please remember this and don’t yell at me 🙂

If you have any questions, please email me! I promise I’ll answer within 24 hours. My email is

Xx – Sam


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