First Impression Review of Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment


That about sums up my first impression of this fabulous product. Just kidding, here are some more details.

I have eczema, which tends to stick to my hands, but after using a certain brand of highly fragranced skin care, my face started to get dry. I should have known…

The most noticeable dry area was under my eyes. Any makeup applied under my eyes clung to the dry patches and made me look wrinkly. Not a look I want right now! I attempted putting eye gel and other moisturizers on but it just burned my tender, dry skin. My eyes were itching, they looked terrible and I was desperate! I had been by the Kiehl’s counter in Macy’s a few years ago but never really paid much attention to them. But back I went in search of an eye cream that wouldn’t burn my eyes.

The man at the counter was so helpful and gave me a packet of the Creamy Eye Treatment to try. He told me to just poke the packet with a pin and squeeze out a tiny bit of product for each use.  I have had this one sample packet for over two weeks now and I think I can still get a few uses out of it.

This product is pure heaven! I was so nervous to put it on but it didn’t burn at all! It soothed my itchy dry skin right away. After a few more uses, the dry patches under my eyes were gone and I don’t have those premature, dry skin wrinkles anymore! The angels are singing!

I’m purchasing the skin care pack from Kiehl’s this Friday that contains the Creamy Eye Treatment, Ultra Facial Cream, Ultra Facial Cleanser, a lip balm and maybe something else…  I can’t wait! I had my husband try some of the men’s line and he’s in love too!

The best thing about Kiehl’s is they believe in their products so much, they are always willing to give samples! This is super helpful for someone like me who may have to test a product a few times to make sure it plays nice with my skin.

Check out Kiehl’s for yourself and I bet you’ll fall in love too!

Thanks for reading!

xo – Sam


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